FRISCO At the age of six, Noah Hall approached his father about opening up a business.

The Hall family is active in a ministry called Water Missions International, which provides clean, safe water to people in developing regions of the world like Africa.

Noah had an idea about starting a business to help, and he told his father, Mike Hall, about it.

So we started talking, and he said, 'I want to make coffee mugs, because mugs will make people think of water,' Hall recalled.

The business is called Noah's Mugs. Noah designs the 15-ounce mugs and sells them through his Web site at Each $16 mug provides clean water to someone in Africa for their entire life.

I like making the mugs, and I really want the Africans to not die and to have some water, Noah said.

Water Missions International makes sure the proceeds from Noah's Mugs go to Africa, where the organization is developing water treatment systems with the help of a young Frisco entrepreneur.

As a dad, this is what you hope and dream: That your kids would give their life away and think about things bigger than themselves, Hall said.

I think he's proud of me because I started that business and I'm giving the water to Africans, Noah added.

One-hundred percent of the money from Noah's Mugs goes directly to provide clean water. This seven-year-old is finding great joy in thinking beyond himself and trying to make a difference in someone else's life.

Noah's hope is that you will be inpsired to log on to his Web site and buy a mug. He's sold 100 so far, and is hoping to turn that number into 1,000 by Christmas.

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