His halftime speech to the players came at a time when Graham was leading Wimberley 34-to-0 at the half. Understand something, McCoy tells his players. You play to our standards, our standards, not anybody else s'. What we do tonight carries over to next week. What we do tonight carries over to next week. Tonight will make us better if we finish like I know we can. So finish what you started when you go out there.

While Brad McCoy was coaching Graham in a the 3A Division II State Quarterfinals, his son, Colt was getting ready for the biggest game of his career, but on this night, his dad is worried about beating Wimberley in Waco Friday night. In 24 hours, the McCoy family will be in Arlington to watch Colt play for the Big 12 Championship and maybe even for the Heisman Trophy.

It's chaotic, we have to do justice to our team first, says McCoy's dad. I'm glad it's in Dallas. We won't have to go very far. It's only a couple hour drive; we'll work until noon or one o'clock then head to Cowboys stadium. It's been that way for six weeks not, it's just tough. I have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure it's really real.

He'll get home tonight, watch film tonight, our game. I don't know if he sleeps, says Case McCoy, Colt's brother. I don't think he ever sleeps.

While Colt has become the winningest quarterback in college football history at Texas, his brother is on a record setting pace at Graham as well. He has taken Graham deeper into the playoffs than they've ever been. Next year, he too is headed to Texas.

It's great. Colt and I are close, Case says. There are some brother relationships out there that aren't like what we have. It's great. I've learned so much from him. I mean we're both coached by the same guy.

They're really a lot alike, says their dad. They look the same; of course he's mentored him. I mean he watches colt play and he tries to do the same things like his cut backs and his runs. Even some of the things that Colt doesn't do well. Case does them too.

Friday night could have turned out differently if Brownwood, coached by Bob Shipley, had won last week. Then Colt McCoy's younger brother Case, would have face Jordan Shipley's younger brother Jaxon in this quarter final game. It didn't happen and that's probably a good thing for Graham because they're only loss this season was to Brownwood by one point.

Brad McCoy had something to say to his team about that. When we get home if you finish like I think you will, we're going to write a thank you note to the Brownwood Lions because you decided it didn't matter who we were going to play, we were going to play to our level of expectation, not anyone else s. And because we had the tougher streak, because we had the tougher people we had to play, you had to be better and you re better today because of it.

Graham beat Wimberley 48-to-7. Their next stop is the state semifinals while Colt and the Longhorns are playing in a game that's equivalent to a national semifinal game. It's just another busy weekend for the McCoy family.

This is really our life. This is what we do, says Debra McCoy, Colt and Case's mother. I spend Monday through Thursday getting ready for Friday and Saturday, recover on Sunday and Brad never stops. He just goes, goes, and goes. We're loving it. We are loving it.

Colt and I are close and we're pulling for each other, says Case. We both told each other, this is our year. It's our senior years. This is the year to make everything happen, and right now it looks like we're both getting a shot to make dreams come true.

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