If you want to have a little wholesome fun but pulling out the board games is not an option, party games you can play on your cellphone or tablet may be just the answer.

Heads Up is a game for two or more players. The app cost 99 cents in the IOS App Store and Windows Phone Store. It's a free app in the Android Market.

Heads Up is easy to play and similar to Charades. Users just download and pick one of seven categories for the fun to begin. One person has to be the 'guesser.' The other person is the 'actor.'

The guesser will put the phone up to their forehead, angled so the actor can see the word of phrase. The actor will actor out the word. If the guesser gives the correct answer, the phone is tilted forward. If the answer is incorrect or a pass is needed, then the phone is tilted backwards. There's 60 seconds on the clock to get correct as many correct as possible.

Once the time is up, then players will see how many the guesser got right.

The fun part is the actor's work is recorded and can be shared on social media.

94 Seconds is another party game that can be played by one or more players.

Players will get one category and one letter like on 'Wheel of Fortune.' Then the player can start guessing the word within 94 seconds.

There are 50 categories and numerous subjects. The player can skip if the word is difficult, but will be penalized.

Party Doodle is a free app in the IOS Store and Android Marketplace. The app requires a few drawing skill, but it's not necessary. Players can be guessers or doodlers. There can be two people or two teams.

Simply draw the word that pops on the screen. Then you wait to see if others can guess what you have sketched.

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