FORT WORTH - TCU baseball players packed their bags and loaded up the bus, but no one was lugging around more than head coach Jim Schlossnagle.

He had a bag over each shoulder and two roller bags.

'I have my family, and I plan on staying awhile,' he said.

The trip to Omaha for the College World Series is not your normal road trip. This one could last anywhere from six to 14 days.

'You plan for the best, so hopefully we will be there until, I guess, it's two Wednesdays from now,' said catcher Kyle Bacak. 'Hopefully, we will be there for awhile so I just packed a whole bunch of stuff.'

Coach Schlossnagle told his players to soak in the experience and a few of his guys took that literally, wearing GoPro cameras to record the experience.

'Guys do it every year and they'll have like video cameras to videotape everything,' said pitcher Alex Young. 'So, I just kind of want to do the same thing and be up-to-date in getting a GoPro.'

'Gosh, there's got to be like five or six of us with these things now,' said outfielder Cody Jones.

'You don't have to carry anything,' said Boomer White, an outfielder who was wearing his GoPro camera on the bill of his cap. 'You can talk, shake hands, meet people and get it all on camera and edit it all later.'

'I don't have any problem with that,' Schlossnagle said. 'There are days we can look like tourists and there are days that we need to be baseball players.'

The players had their cameras rolling when they stopped by the football stadium, where fans showed up in the rain to see them off.

'I know they always comment on how it feels good to have that support so that's what we are here for, along with a lot of other people,' said Jim Smith, a TCU fan.

'What a great team, they are great guys,' said Mary Ruth Jones, who graduated from TCU in 1958 and has worked there for 31 years. 'I know a lot of them, and they represent our university very well.'

This trip to Omaha could end Tuesday, or it could last until June 25. Coach Schlossnagle told the fans who saw them off that unless they're coming to Omaha, he hopes he doesn't see them for two weeks.


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