'That's one of our favorites that we really like,' said Ann Webb, looking through family photos and zeroing in on one of her brother and his wife holding each other close.

'That was 1964?' she said under her breath.

Pictures take her back to a moment in time. But a letter takes her further.

''My darling sweet Glenda, I love you, baby,'' she read, then paused. 'That's as far as I can go. I can't go any further. I can't go any further.'

It's just too hard to read something written almost 50 years ago.

On Sunday, October 16, 1966, a young Bob Whitehead wrote the letter to his even younger bride, Glenda.

He was in Vietnam. She was in Texas.

'A lot of love. He missed her a lot,' Webb said. 'He missed her a lot.'

Webb never knew her brother could be so eloquent. She never even knew the letter existed until one year ago.

It was May 15, 2013, and an EF-4 tornado tore through Granbury, where Bob and Glenda had built a home. They grew up as children together, spent 48 years of marriage together... and they died together.

'That's who they were. That's exactly who they were. They were always together,' Webb said. 'It feels like yesterday. It's still really fresh.'

A few photos survived, and were found scattered across the city. They were turned in to the public library in Granbury, where Webb and her daughter Denise have spent countless hours.

But a stranger found the treasured love letter on her front porch blocks from the Whiteheads' home. She took it to the local newspaper, and that's how it made its way to Webb.

She buried the original with her brother, and made a copy for Denise. Denise framed it and hung it in her living room.

'It taught me to believe in love,' said Denise, as tears began to fall. 'It made me learn love is very important.'

Three weeks after the funerals, another letter appeared in another stranger's hands.

This is one Ann Webb can read. 'It says, 'Darling, it's late and I'm tired. How I wish I was with you. Love forever, Bob.''

'Isn't that cool?' she asked with a smile.

Webb said her brother couldn't have lived without Glenda, and Glenda couldn't have lived without him. The letters feel like a message that their love lives on forever.


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