DALLAS Every time Habitat for Humanity builds a new home, it is a collaborative effort. But one particular project in East Oak Cliff Saturday had a whole different level of teamwork.

A whole squad of Heisman Trophy winners, affiliated with the Heisman Trophy Trust, gathered to do a good deed.

'Putting in our elbow grease and our sweat into this house,' Heisman winner Ricky Williams told us.

He and the other standouts from the gridiron have some pretty impressive construction skills, too.

'Before football there was another life,' said Heisman winner Billy Sims. 'I can roof, pour concrete, rebar on freeways; I can do a little bit of everything.'

And they did a little of everything. Sims, Williams, Herschel Walker, Tim Brown and George Rogers all playing for the same team: Single mom Jessica Hunter and her three kids.

'I am kind of overwhelmed, but it feels great and awesome,' Hunter said. 'I feel blessed.'

And so do the former football greats, Walker added.

'We were paid by the public. We weren't paid by an individual; we were paid by the public,' he said. 'They came out to see us play, and we have to help others. We have to help someone. When they were talking about building a home for someone, this is important.'


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