Arlington Martin defensive end Myles Garrett exceeded even his own lofty expectations. When the final recruiting rankings came out a couple weeks ago, a few of them had Garrett as the #1 recruit in the country.

'It's a humbling fact. It's a goal I always set,' said Garrett. 'When I was a freshman. I told my coaches that I wanted to be the number one defensive end in Texas, and senior year I wanted to be the number one player in the country.'

His stock rose after a dominating performance in the Under Armour All-American game, when he had six tackles, including four for a loss and one sack. That may be when the rest of the nation realized how special he is. It's something his high school coach Bob Wager has known for a long time.

Wager said that Garrett has all the athletic measurables (speed, strength, quickness, etc), 'and when you factor in his drive, his love for the game, and his willingness to endure pain and work his tail off -- those things in combination, the sky's the limit for him.

'He's got a rare combination of unbelievable God-given ability combined with a phenomenal work ethic.'

Garrett committed to A&M in October, but he knew well before then that he wanted to be an Aggie. That never changed despite keeping his options open and visiting other schools.

'I knew when I wanted to go was junior day - that was the day for me,' said Garrett. 'Right when I got there I knew this was the place for me.'

'They're counting on him to come in and be an immediate factor defensively,' said Wager.

A&M has one of the top recruiting classes in the country and has been one of the most exciting and visible teams in the country, thanks in large part to quarterback Johnny Manziel. He's gone now, but there are plenty of guys coming in to keep the Aggies competing with the top programs in the SEC.

'It's just a great thing to know we have great players coming in and looking to do big things right away, as soon as we step on campus,' said Garrett.

The NFL is in Garrett's future, but he gave us a glimpse of his humility when talking about what his major will be in college.

'I'm going to major in geology and be a paleontologist,' he said.

Sure .... maybe when he's 40.
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