Technology has changed our lives and is a large part of daily living. We may not realize the change until we sit down and take a moment to think about how far technology has come.


Remember the oscillating fan or the box fan. The fan is more than 100 years old. So, what could be done to make it better?
The Dyson Hot Cool has come out with a fan and heater combination that will keep the temperature you need no matter what time of the year you turn it on.

The Dyson Hot Cool, or the Dyson AM05, is using technology to cool and heat areas or entire rooms. Style wise it s sleek and lightweight at just about five pounds. That fact makes it easier to move the device from one room to another.

The device has no blades, which will ease the minds of those concerned about a child or person sticking their hands into the fan blades.
The Dyson AM 05 is easy to turn on. There are controls on the front of the device and there s also a remote control. It tilts back and forth to direct airflow.
The Dyson AM 05 has an electronic temperature control. Push the blue control button and it cools. Use the red one and the system turns into a heater.

Air or heat can be distributed throughout a large or a small area.

This is not only a fan, but technology has allowed the light-weight machine to also be a heater. It does not get hot to the touch. If it tips over, it automatically shuts off.
Honestly, bladeless fans are not cheap. The blade fans start about $90. This combo Dyson AM05 can start at $300.


Traditional peepholes cost $5 to $30. The traditional device allows you to look through your door and see who is on the other side of the door as a safety precaution.

But imagine if you could see clearly who was on the other side of your door.

That s what the Brinno Peephole Viewer can do. It looks like a regular peephole from the outside. On the inside, this battery operated (2AA batteries) device gives you a clear view of who is outside.

There s a door-knocking operation system. Just knock on the door and the viewer, placed on the inside of the door, will show a clear picture of who is standing outside.

You can attach a motion sensor that will allow the homeowner to see whoever walks up to the door before knocking.

Want pictures of who walk up to a door? Just add a SIMS card to the Brinno Peephole Viewer inside to take a photo each time someone comes up and knocks.

This peephole starts as low as $50.


The boom box or radio of 1980 is dated when positioned beside the Eton Rukus Solar-Powered Sound System.

The sound system is light weight at only four pounds. The device has solar panels on the top. Users can place device in the sun to charge it up. A traditional AC cord is included for this machine. The company says it run 8 hours with no sun or power cord.

Technology allows you to use your smartphone or tablet or computer. Connect through Bluetooth and listen to you favorite songs

The Rukus Solor-Powered Sound System can start at $100-$150. Other similar items on the market can start as low as $50.


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