DALLAS -- Saturday s events on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge are open to the public.If you are planning to come out, here's a little advice to make your life easier.

For example, one of tomorrow's highlights will be the Parade of Giants.The parade is made up of 13 massive puppets, representing West Dallas history, lumbering across the new bridge.

Here s some advice if you want to be on the bridge to see the show.

The earlier you get to West Dallas and or the bridge the less likely you'll have to wait to get on the bridge, said Jeff Herrington, the Communications Director for Bridge o Rama.

The reason behind the suggestion is simple; the bridge has limited capacity of 6750 people.And because of a 5k/10k run, in the morning, there may already be as many as 3,500 runners hanging around.

However, while most people will surely want to get on the bridge, at some point, there's a whole slate of events, on the streets for you, while you wait.

There's a lot to see and do over here.If you want to spend a whole day you won't get bored, Herrington said.

Organizers said there will be plenty of parking in West Dallas.DART is also running extra buses from the downtown Rosa Parks station.

And if you want to avoid the big rush, go Sunday.It is expected to be the day of lighter crowds

Just a reminder, dogs and bikes are not allowed on the bridge.


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