DALLAS Martin Coronado would have turned 47 years old on Thursday. His family would have been celebrating with him.

Instead, they look for answers about his murder.

The victim's brothers say they are all asking themselves the same question. I would look at the ceiling and just say, 'Why?' David Coronado said.

They want to know why someone would kill a man for just the few dollars he had in his wallet.

Why would you take a life that is so precious to everyone? Why would you leave his kids orphans? asked brother Joe Perez.

Coronado was killed on September 16 after getting off work on a late shift. He was picking up his children to take them to school when he was attacked at an apartment complex on Mockingbird Lane.

He was stabbed in front of the door, and then staggered to the pool, Perez said.

This case bears similarities to the murder of Shearl Bennett. She was slain six days after Coronado... also in front of her apartment.

She, too, was stabbed and robbed, and the crime happened just 11 miles from Coronado's attack.

Police have arrested two men in Bennett's case. Police sources say the cases are most likely related, but no evidence has been found linking the two.

That's frustrating news for the Coronado family.

I just want justice, Paul Coronado said.

Both victims were deeply loved and admired by those around them.

Just a big teddy bear; never hurt anybody, Paul Coronado said of his brother.

He was kind, gentle, and always had a big smile on his face, Perez added.

Martin Coronado loved his Harley and his family. His brother Paul said Martin stood by him as he worked to get his life back together after a rough time.

He was just very proud of me, the walk that I was walking, Paul said. I just miss him so much.

Police need citizens to come forward with information to help solve this case, while his family figures out a way to try and live without him.

I asked God to take this pain and give me strength, David Coronado said.


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