DALLAS There is outrage and disbelief in downtown Dallas after a dog was apparently tossed out of a 19th floor window to his death.

Diego, a white Maltese, had lived at the Mosaic high-rise apartments with his owner in the 300 block of North Akard Street.

Police said the woman and a man were allegedly arguing when he started punching her. The victim apparenty then dumped the man's clothes into a bathtub, poured bleach on them, and left the apartment Friday night.

When she arrived home around 8 o'clock the next morning, she was informed by tenants who lived there at the apartment as well that her dog which she had left the night before was deceased on the 8th floor, said Dallas police Sgt. Warren Mitchell. Keep in mind she lives on the 19th floor.

Police are investigating the possibility that the man got mad and threw the dog out an open window.

Police said no one has yet been charged in the case; the woman's boyfriend was called a person of interest by investigators.

He is definitely someone that we're interested in talking with, Sgt. Mitchell said.

The suspect will likely face family violence and animal cruelty charges.

We're just hoping that we'll find enough information to find out who committed this cruel and senseless crime, Sgt. Mitchell said.

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