DALLAS Naim Rasool Muhammad, the man accused of killing two of his children on Monday, has a history in Dallas County court records dating back more than a decade.

Muhammad has been arrested five times for misdemeanors. In 2010, he was arrested on a felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

And in February of this year, he was arrested for assault/family violence.

Muhammad also had a third child a baby.

One-year-old Jeremiah was staying with a relative when the two older children were abducted by their father.

Witnesses said Muhammad returned after killing the two boys and tried to take Jeremiah.

Family members tell is they have no doubt that if it weren't for the quick action of the childrens' uncle, they believe the couple's third child one-year-old Jeremiah would have also been killed as part of this tragedy.

The pain and suffering spilled out into the streets as family members learned the news Monday of how two brothers five-year-old Niam and three-year-old Elijah were taken by their father and killed.

The boy's family said Naim Mohammed had been stalking his children. He was parked on the block early this morning waiting for them to walk to school.

Police said after abducting his two older sons, he went back to the home to get his other child, Jeremiah.

And then he kicked in the window and I was trying to sleep, but I woke up and stopped him from coming in the window, said Brandon Turner, an uncle who was minding the child.

Turner said he battled with Muhammad for nearly five minutes. He was trying to get in, I was fighting him off, Turner said. He said, 'Your nephews are dead.'

It would be hours before the family would get confirmation that Niam and Elijah were dead; their bodies were found in the back of a car innocent victims of a horrible mess.

Child Protective Services confirmed that they have had contact with this couple on two occasions during the past year, including an open case from May 2011. In that domestic violence incident, the mother of Naim and Elijah reportedly asked CPS that Muhammad be limited to supervised contact with the children because she was concerned about their safety.

That case was still open.

Then on August 10, a CPS case worker visited the children at home, and it was determined at that time that the children were not in any danger.

Five-year-old Naim was supposed to start classes at Frazier Elementary School in Dallas on Monday after being enrolled there two weeks ago.

He never made it to school.


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