DALLAS A head-on collision on Dallas' Central Expressway sent two people to the hospital in serious condition overnight. The crash happened around 2:30 a.m. on Friday near Royal Lane.

Steven Salgado was driving south on Central Expressway when he saw a black car speed by him going the wrong way.

His headlights were not on at all just his parking lights, said Salgado. He was not fazed. You figure if you are passing a car that fast you would look at somebody. He didn't. He was just staring straight.

Police said the driver of the wrong way car was 31-year-old Ahmed Figueroa.

Dallas police said he was drunk when he smashed into a grey Honda driven by a 21-year-old McKinney woman.

The woman suffered two broken legs but survived the mangled vehicles.

Salgado said it could have been him who got hit.

I happened to see him at the last second, so I scooted over and as he whizzed past me and we got over, Salgado said.

Police arrested Figueroa for intoxication assault.

Court records show he was so drunk he could not tell police where he had been or how much alcohol he had consumed.

It is not the first time he is been arrested for being behind the wheel drunk. Court records also showed he was placed on 180-day probation in July for a DWI in Irving.

I m still shaken up about it, Salgado said. I'm still thinking how close that really was.

Figueroa was in the left hand lane. Dallas police said that is where more than 90 percent of wrong way crashes happen. Police warn people driving at night not to drive in the far left hand lane.

Salgado said it is a tip he will follow from now on.


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