SEAGOVILLE One-hundred years of school history came tumbling down in Seagoville on Tuesday.

Bulldozers that had been parked in front of the town's original school building since Saturday began demolition of the two-story brick landmark.

Preservationists had been fighting to save the building from the wrecking ball, but two months ago, the Dallas Independent School District said it would go ahead with its plan to raze the old schoolhouse because it had fallen into disrepair and was condemned.

Some local residents came with cameras to document the building's finale.

It's going to be a big difference not being able to see this big building, said R.J. Bradley.

Terri Martines was also nostalgic about the town's loss. Seagoville has lost something that can never be replaced, she said. The one historical building that this town had and it's destroyed.

People who watched are also concerned because furniture, chalkboards and other artifacts weren't removed from the building before it came down.

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