Sunday's Super Bowl game at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington had 111 million people watching on TV in America, the most-watched TV program ever.

Four-hundred of those had tickets to the game and then had to watch it on TV at a stadium bar.

It was the proverbial final straw of a disastrous Super Bowl week. The North Texas Super Bowl Host Committee wanted us to enjoy the NFL experience and Mother Nature didn't.

Much of the criticism for the bad weather isn't fair, but I do agree with those who say a Super Bowl should be played in warm weather cities only... and there's only about five of those in America.

A Super Bowl should be a reward for the teams, a vacation for the fans, and a snow storm in February isn't either one (unless you can slide down a mountain, and we don't have any of those, either).

But as bad as those days were, we knew that incredible Cowboys Stadium would save the day... if only somebody knew how to get in.

The NFL rings the outer fence with newly-hired guards who, through no fault of their own, had no clue where to go. And when we finally did, the security check was the joke that it usually is.

They rub the chest and back; then both arms; and don't even bother to ask if you have a bomb in your pants... the pants that several people wet while waiting in line with no other place to go.

It was an NFL experience I would hope to never see again.

Oh, there was this little moment: Christina Aguilera singing the national anthem (at least her version of the anthem) and forgets the words. I didn't notice, and most people didn't either.

And since I don't know what a rampart is, it didn't bother me that she left it out.

But a woman writes me this morning saying her son didn't go the Persian Gulf so that Aguilera could butcher the anthem while players chew their gum and jump and down.

That's exactly why he went to the Persian Gulf; to defend a country that doesn't demand you know the words to the anthem, allows you to be as stupid and disrespectful as you want, because in some countries you can't and that's exactly why he went.

But can we at least stop complaining about the NFL's halftime shows. How good is a group supposed to be in 12 minutes?

I'm not a fan of the Black Eyed Peas... don't like the music much... but I thought it was a great production. Slash is very cool. Usher is... well, he's Usher.

There is no music act that will please all the people all the time... can't be done (unless you bring in Rod Stewart, of course. I'm sorry, say what? You don't like Rod Stewart?).

You made my point.

Here's another one. The NFL and their billionaire owners are a greedy bunch who never seem to realize that sometimes enough is enough.

They will take every dollar you have, then wait for you to find another one and take that one, too. And as long as so many of us are willing to pay, it won't ever change.

Those fans who paid their money to see their favorite team play then end up watching on TV in a stadium bar are now being offered tickets to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis next year.

How much are these people expected to suffer? Indy in the winter isn't much of a vacation, either.

Albert Einstein said three great forces rule the world: Stupidity, fear and greed.

And we had all three at Super Bowl XLV.

I've seen the NFL experience, and unless the Cowboys are playing, I'm not going to another one.

But since I am 62... and Jerry's the general manager... I'm not going to another one.


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