They terrorize North Texas drivers; now lawmakers want action following a News 8 investigation showing how little is being done to crack down on gangs of racing sport bikes.

This week, leaders from cities across North Texas will be briefed about the problem and begin a search for answers.

Serious accidents caused by gangs of daredevil motorcycle stunt riders are on the rise. In July, they caused one wreck that killed two innocent motorists.

Reckless riders are also killing themselves.

It is a problem, said Ron Natinsky, a Dallas City Council member and Chair of the Regional Transportation Council, which oversees major transportation issues. People are going to end up getting killed or injured as a result of this.

Last week, News 8 reported that law enforcement had in some cases failed to actively investigate fatal crashes and prosecute riders. Natinsky said it's time for cities across North Texas to get serious about making arrests.

You have to take some of these people and make an example of them, Natinsky said.

On Thursday, 43 elected officials on the Regional Transportation Council will be briefed on this threat.

The RTC leadership says it has the funds to explore the use of technology and more robust enforcement to crack down on gangs of reckless riders, who often go too fast for police to safely chase.


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