The Molina High School Jaguars returned to the field on Friday, missing one of their own.

A spinal cord injury sidelined Diondre Preston last week.

The team may have lost their star quarterback but they have not lost their spirit.

They had Diondre very much on their minds and they were not the only ones.

Wearing his initials, they took the field, with his mother taking center stage.

She was presented with a shoebox filled with money gathered by students.

The Molina senior is still not able to feel anything from neck down.

We cried at school, we prayed for him, and he told the coaches, he wanted us to stay strong, so that's what we're going to do, said friend Jay Raney.

They are getting their strength from Preston themselves, who remains upbeat and positive.

I haven't seen that boy shed a tear, not one, said Charles Deville, Monlina High School Football coach.

I talk to him, he smiles, he added.

Diondre is a 17-year-old quarterback who led his team on the field and continues to do so off of it.

He actually told me he doesn't want us to feel sorry for him. He wants everybody to keep moving forward but it's really hard, said Dinahlee Solis.

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