There s seldom a day here in Oxnard, California, during on-field workouts, that fans aren t shouting some type of displeasure at Cowboys Wide Receiver Roy Williams. Unfortunately, for Williams, weather its his miscue or not, the heckling never seems to cease.

Williams s response, I m the Kobe Bryant of this football team, either you re going to like me or you re not going to like me. However, after making this statement Williams quickly applied the brakes before his comment could be taken out of context. He stressed to reporters by no means was he insinuating that he possesses the same talent or even the same celebrity status of Bryant, but he s simply speaking in reference to Kobe s love-hate popularity with fans.

Williams says that he s well aware of the comments being yelled out by the fans. But at the same time he says that s exactly why he loves them so. He says he knows their passion is simply an indication of their love for the Cowboys and their desire to see them do well.
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