DENTON - Thursday's Our Neighbor is a true pillar of the Denton community.

Frenchy Rheault uses his popular lawn and tree service to give back to the city he loves so much. Written in a deep blue across Frenchy's Lawn and Tree Service's bright orange-colored vans, Rheault's messages of support and positivity are hard to miss.

I do only positive messages on my vans, he said.

Frenchy's REMEMBEROURTROOPS and WETAKECAREOFPEOPLE signs are a common sight as people drive the streets of Denton.

Everybody knows French, said Fred Wells, with the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Denton. They know his trucks. They recognize the orange and the blue.

For the last 25 years, Rheault has donated his lawn care services to charities, non-profits and people who can't afford to maintain their property.

Frenchy takes care of our lawns and our bushes, said Ron Aldridge, with Health Services of North Texas. He's been doing it for years, supporting us from behind the scenes so that we can take care of more people.

When Rheault found out Glenn Griffin's daughter and granddaughter had been killed in a car crash, he offered to landscape their home.

He's just about the most generous man I've ever seen, said Griffin. He wants to help. He wants to do everything he can to make sure people are taken care of.

There's also one group of people near and dear to Rheault's heart.

I am dedicated to veterans and veterans' causes, he said.

Rheault himself is a Vietnam veteran. In addition to his support the troop messages, he also takes his time to go to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to greet those returning from serving overseas.

Frenchy is 100 percent veterans, Wells said. This VFW post was the first place he committed to for taking care of the yard, the bushes, et cetera.

And while Rheault is proud of Denton, those in Denton are also proud of him, so much so that Beth Marie's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor named an ice cream after him called Frenchy's Orange Sherbet.

Rheault has discovered the one good deed done for others might be the only joy they experience that day, which is why he does it.

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