Haitian orphans are getting speedy help from folks who understand the need for speed: NASCAR.

A north Texas family that brought home their new daughter from Haiti on Thursday said racing teams were providing invaluable help in Haiti.

Two-year-old Eva got whisked out her Haitian orphanage and delivered to her new family in Weatherford.

Christi and John Barnes say the effort to get thousands of orphans out of Haiti for adoption is desperate and chaotic. They have to go stand in line with a hope and a prayer and stand there with 7,000 others and wait in line all day, day after day, said Christi Barnes.

The adoptive parents told us of unsung heroes helping with a private Haiti airlift: NASCAR race teams.

The sport's dominant team owner, Rick Hendrick, is sending in two of his planes daily through Missionary Flights International in Florida.

Hendrick's drivers include Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. and other top names. Driver Michael Waltrip also donated his jet to get a dozen doctors into Haiti.

Texas Motor Speedway president, Eddie Gossage, says racing teams have multiple planes for drivers, owners and crews.
Gossage is a close friend of Rick Hendrick, whose wife did mission work in Haiti.

I'm not surprised Rick offered up his jet and I'm sure others in NASCAR we don't know about are helping out in Haiti, he said.

Gossage is thinking long term. He knows Haiti is going to need help six months, a year, two years from now. And he's wondering how the generosity of the NASCAR nation might be harnessed to help.

Meanwhile the fastest team in NASCAR is right where it usually is - out front and flying low.

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