SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras Many of the young immigrants who are making the harrowing journey to seek refuge in the U.S. are coming from Honduras.

It is a country with a high crime rate and devastating poverty.

But false rumors of a better life in America echo throughout poor neighborhoods like Los Bordos in San Pedro Sula, the second-largest city in Honduras.

It's called Los Bordos because it's right on the banks of a canal that carries raw sewage. Families have come here from rural areas in Honduras.

We spoke with a single mother who lives here with her four children, looking for work. She still hasn't found a steady job, and she worries about the future of her children.

She has heard about other youngsters making the dangerous trip north to the Texas-Mexico border, and she worries that her children will one day have to follow because they can't find any opportunities in their home country.


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