SAN ANTONIO -- A swarm of bees attacked and killed a man working for a fencing company. His death serves as a warning for anyone else going outside with bees just starting to reproduce and swarm for the season.

Last Tuesday, 30-year-old Aaron Turner, a native of Virginia Beach, Va., was working outside in Grey Forest with a fencing company when a swarm of bees attacked and killed him. His boss was the one to notify his family.

'He told me Aaron and another guy was working on the fence. They hit a bee nest and a swarm of bees came up like a big old fire. Aaron ran into where they were coming from. He tried to call Aaron to come back and Aaron couldn't make it back. All he could do was fall to his knees,' said Sonja Turner, his mother.

'You never know how aggressive they're going to be till it's too late,' said William Gary, Bizz-zz Bee Farm exterminator.

Gray recommended looking around your home for beehives before doing yard work. If a swarm attacks, try to get inside an enclosed space.

'Get in your vehicle. Run inside of your home. A pool of water? It works in the cartoons,' Gray said.

William added that it's important to stay away from beehives when using your yard equipment. The motor sound and vibrations can set bees off. Gray said we'll be in the swarming season until the early fall.

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