When it comes to checking out new hairstyles, colors and even style tips, there's an 'app for that.'

Modi Face is a virtual makeover that allows you to sample new hair styles and make-up applications. To start, just snap a picture.Then let creativity take over.

The program allows the user to customize make-up application based on skin tone, skin type and desired overall look. Modi Face is set up to demonstrate the hairstyles from the rich and famous.

OPI nail app and website gives the user an opportunity to change and try nail polish before purchase. Users can experiment with not only hundreds of color, but nail length as well. OPI has a button that will change the skin tone so users can get a better idea of what works on different nails.

Polyvore is a simple way to shop for items you want or need. This free app and website gives the user a chance to play with different looks, colors and clothing items and accessories. Purchase information is available for all items.

Polyvore is also set up to help purchase and find ideas for the home.


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