If you are not able to catch ABC'S PREMIERE NIGHTS and you don't have DVR capabilities, do not worry.

Log onto and through this website, you can easily catch your favorite ABC show online with limited commercial interruption.

The cost is free to watch the episodes.

These episodes are usually posted to the web site one to two days after the show has aired at its regularly scheduled time.

If you have a television with internet connections, it will be easier to watch shows on line.

The other good part about this style of viewing is you can catch up on the show with past episodes. You can also view the highlights of the show, learn more about the show, characters, and photos.

Most major networks offer this full episode viewing option.

There is an app for ABC shows in the iPhone Store and Android Play Store.

Netflix is another option for viewing favorite shows. The catch with Netflix is the fact that you have to wait until the season is over and the next one starts before you can see the episodes. So, this can be a downfall, but commercial free when you are playing catch up.

Hulu Plus will allow viewers to see television shows also, but there is a time period to wait to see the show and there is a cost

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