DALLAS As we count down to 50 years since President Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, we're bringing you the stories of the people behind the events.

On Saturday, former Associated Press political reporter Walter Mears shared his memories at the Sixth Floor Museum. He covered every presidential election from Kennedy's win in 1960 to the Bush-Gore fight in 2000.

Mears said it's important to share these stories with the next generation.

'So many people have grown up not knowing that era,' he said. 'To me, it's part of my personal history. But to my children who are in their 40s now the assassination of Jack Kennedy is as remote as the assassination of Abraham Lincoln was to me when I was growing up.'

Mears noted there are more than 1,400 books about the Kennedy assassination. 'It's part of our history that people want to know about,' he said.

Mears' talk was part of the Sixth Floor Museum's 'Living History' series, which continues October 12 with the recollections of AP photographer Ferd Kaufman, who took one of the first pictures of Lee Harvey Oswald after he was taken into custody.

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