DALLAS According to court documents filed Wednesday, Ruben Jimenez, the Garland man accused of trespassing in a forbidden area of Dallas Love-Field Airport on Sunday, is now in federal custody.

Airport officials said yesterday that federal investigators were digging into the incident, which, according to a warrant issued by Dallas police, concluded with Jimenez resisting arrest and shouting Jihad before being taken into custody inside an airport hangar.

The court documents, filed in federal court Wednesday, detail how Jimenez got into the hangar and say it wasn t Jihad he yelled it was Jesus.

On Sunday, Jimenez pulled onto the northern portion of Love-Field that houses private aircrafts. He approached the Business Jet Center at 8611 Lemmon Ave. and pulled his 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe to the gate access pad. He started pressing buttons, the document says, which soon prompted the arrival of a pair of employees.

Jimenez told investigators he said to the employees, in the name of Jesus, open the gate.

One opened the gate to speak with Jimenez through the window of his vehicle. The other parked his Ford Escape on the side of the gate to prevent the 36-year-old from entering.

Says the document, as the "employee began to open his car door, Jimenez evaded the Business Jet vehicle and maneuvered around it on his driver s side at a high rate of speed, narrowly missing the Ford Escape.

Jimenez, now inside, sped down Taxiway Alpha at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. The employees pursued, but couldn t catch him, the document says, so they called police.

When officers arrived, they found his Tahoe parked at Associated Air Hangar 3, where he dropped his keys, wallet and a Bible.

Jimenez was walking about the hangar and came across two un-mounted aircraft tires and laid his body across them. He would later tell investigators he had a vision given to him by God of this same place and that he believed God had directed him to Dallas Love Field.

When the Dallas officer attempted put him in handcuffs, Jimenez tried to break free, the document says. After he was taken into custody, he waived his Miranda rights.

When he resisted arrest, Jimenez said he pulled away from the officer and reached his hands up into the air. He said he tensed up and felt a sudden burst of strength before pulling himself away. He said he yelled "in the name of Jesus" three times the amount Dallas officers said he yelled "Jihad" as he was being arrested.

Jimenez later said he knew all his actions were illegal, from entering the airport through the gate to speeding the taxiway to walking into the hangar and resisting arrest.

He s now been charged with entering aircraft or airport area in violation of security requirements.

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