DALLAS - The kids were all smiles at the Beckley-Saner sprayground along Hobson Avenue in Dallas, but Thursday District 4 council member Dwaine Caraway was not smiling.

When I got here, it looked like a sprayground that had been here for 10 years, said Caraway said of the park that opened on Memorial Day.

Mud was everywhere, he said. Standing, stagnate water was surrounding the sprayground.

Caraway immediately called the city's parks and recreation department and crews were dispatched to clean up the area.

They filled pools of standing water with sand and power-washed the mud-caked sidewalks and playground area.

Additionally, there are now plans to increase the trash pick-up at the park that Willis Winters, the city's director of parks and recreation, said was busier than anticipated.

We are absolutely thrilled that this new sprayrground facility has been so well embraced by the Beckley-Saner neighborhood, Willis said. We are working to address any concerns or issues that anyone has.

Beckley-Saner sprayground is one of two new facilities to open in Dallas this year. In all, the parks and recreation department maintains 10 such facilities across the city. They are run with annual operating budget totaling $192,662.

I don't care what it costs, Caraway said. It's for these children, It's our responsibility to make sure a smile's on their face and they're not involved in drugs and gangs and they have summer activities.

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