DALLAS -- Stacey Jackson had not yet heard the news about Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent until News 8 reached her at her Illinois home Thursday night.

I've been staying in touch with him, she said. I talked to him two or three days ago.

Stacey Jackson's son was Jerry Brown, Josh Brent's best friend and front-seat passenger last December, who was killed when Brent overturned his Mercedes after he had been out drinking.

Now, six months later as a criminal case is pending against him, Brent has tested positive for marijuana.

Evidently he needs help, Jackson told News 8. He has to learn from his own mistakes, and we don't know the situation of the reason why he tested positive.

A Dallas judge ordered Brent to take a urine test for drugs on May 24. It came back positive for marijuana.

The state has spoken with an agent of Pharmatech who stated that the results of the urinalysis indicate the defendant ingested marijuana within 30 days of the test date and that the findings are not indicative of second-hand exposure, wrote Heath Harris, a Dallas County prosecutor, in a legal motion to have Brent's bond revoked.

At her son's funeral in St. Louis last December, Jackson showed remarkable strength by forgiving Brent in her son's death. She reiterated that on the phone with News 8 again on Thursday night.

We all make mistakes, Jackson explained. He has to learn from his own mistakes. Regardless of what he does, I can't put my forgiveness on and off. Either I'm going to forgive him or not.

Dallas County prosecutors want Josh Brent jailed for violating terms of his bond. They're asking a judge to do that at a hearing scheduled for June 21.

Brent's attorney did not immediately return calls from News 8, and the Dallas Cowboys would not comment.


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