DALLAS - The heavy weights are piled on a wheeled platform designed to imitate a bobsled. But Mickey Dollens is pushing the entire thing around like it was a toddler in a Fisher Price wagon.

This is strength. Olympic hopeful strength.

Dollens is part of Team USA's bobsled team. From an SMU football scholarship, he's refocused his energy on the 2014 Olympic Games, to begin in Russia in 126 days and counting.

If you wait for the perfect time to begin something, it will never come, Dollens said. The best time to begin anything is now.

From a family of racers, Dollens pushes his body to the limit five times a week, with endless workouts to maximize his strength and form.

But that's only part of the race. He exercises his mind, too.

If you already have it in your mind, 'strong enough to succeed,' you'll find a way to train around your injuries, he said.

The Olympic trials are next year.

Dollens dropped 50 pounds off his frame in order to fit in the tiny little sled, by running, lifting and pushing.

It's just like a 50-second football play, he said. It's violent, it's rough, but when you make it to the bottom and look up and see you have made a good score, it's a really good feeling.

And he hopes to keep that momentum all the way to Russia.


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