HALTOM CITY - Fossil Creek rose up in the darkness Wednesday morning and swallowed part of Midway Drive. It's just beneath Highway 121 in Haltom City.

Four drivers had to be rescued. Two walked out with the help of Richland Hills fire fighters. The other two required swift water rescues performed by Haltom City fire fighters in rubber boats.

One trapped motorist called 911 three times.

The first was so garbled, the operator could barely get an address. In the second call, the man is getting worried. Water is rushing over his hood.

Caller: I don't know if I can get out of my car, because there's so much water out there.

Operator: Just stay where you're at. They'll be there as quick as they can.

The third call comes 20 minutes after the first, as Haltom City fire fighters are tying off and launching a boat into the rushing water.

Caller: It's Robert Jeffress again. The water is up to my chest. I'm freezing to death out here.

Operator: They're coming as quick as they can.

Caller: Okay. I'm going to drown here in a little bit.

He tells the operator he can see the emergency lights close by. But swift water rescues must seem like anything but swift to a freezing man who's starting to wonder whether he'll get out alive.

Fire fighters say such rescues are not instant or easy.

Number-one risky situation you can put you people in, said Haltom City Deputy Fire Chief Fred Napp.

Napp also assisted in one rescue Wednesday morning when he came across another trapped motorist.

Some drivers hit the water before barricades went up, but officials say some motorists were ticketed for driving around barricades into high water.


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