GRAPEVINE On Wednesday, we learned what first responders found inside the Grapevine apartment where seven family members died on Christmas Day.

A search warrant obtained by News 8 shows officers discovered guns in the hands of two different corpses.

According to the document, a .40 caliber weapon was in the hands of the alleged shooter, Aziz Yazdanpanah. His brother-in-law was found holding the other gun, but police believe Yazdanpanah placed the weapon in his hands after he was killed.

He was probably in the process of staging the crime scene, and for whatever reason, maybe changed his mind, or thought at some point that he was going to get away with this, said Grapevine police spokesman Sgt. Robert Eberling.

Police confirmed that 56-year-old Aziz Yazdanpanah shot his brother-in-law Mohamad Hossein Zarei four times. The victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the head, chest and stomach.

Sara Fatemeh Zarei, 22, sent a text message to a friend at 11:15 Christmas morning, but police said it was not a plea for help. Police believe the shootings took place between 11:16 and 11:32.

Minutes later, someone in the apartment placed a 911 call and faint cries for help could be heard.

We believe that it was Aziz that made that 911 call, Eberling said.

Investigators now say Yazdanpanah may not have intended to murder his sister-in-law's family. It could've been simply that they are there at the wrong place at the wrong time, but we're still looking into that matter to see if there are some sort of issues between him and that family as well, Eberling said.

According to the search warrant affidavit, cameras, purses and even notebooks were among the items seized from the Grapevine apartment, the victims' vehicles, and Yazdanpanah's home in Colleyville.

We seized a computer from his house, and we're going to be looking at that to see if it gives us any details, Eberling said.

News 8 has also learned that Colleyville police had been familiar with Aziz Yazdanpanah. Records show officers had been to his home several times to investigate alleged harassing phone calls that his daughter had been receiving from an ex-boyfriend.

On one occasion, Yazdanpanah answered the door with a gun strapped to his belt, police records showed.

Dozens of friends and family members were expected to appear at a memorial service for the victims at a Grapevine park Wednesday evening. The event was organized by the best friend of one of the victims.

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