MESQUITE - Some Mesquite high school students learned first hand Tuesday about one of the most tragic days in America's history.

Students too young to understand ten years ago listened as a survivor of the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11 shared his story.

It was something unimaginable, said the survivor, Brian Clark.

Students at Mesquite Horn High School have a permanent reminder of what happened on 9/11 - a painting of the famous photo of firefighters raising an American flag after the attack.

During a special assembly Tuesday, that painting took on new meaning as the teens heard first hand what happened that day.

Clark, who worked on the 84th floor of Tower Two of the World Trade Center, is one of few to escape from the floors above where the planes struck.

Clark rescued one man, whom he said will be his blood brother for life.

The smoke was coming up the stairs, I shone my light down and I thought, 'I don't see any flames, I gotta try this,' Clark said.

The students were first and second graders on 9/11, too young to grasp the full meaning of the tragedy.

Now older, they are learning a valuable lesson about life and death from Clark.

It is difficult for folks your age to accept that life is very precious, Clark said. At the end of the trail, if you have lived well and loved well, you are going to have a legacy that the world will been a better place for you having been there.


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