DALLAS There is new information on Parkland Memorial Hospital's action plan to ensure patient safety.

The plan was released on Friday in response to a 600-page government report that found the Dallas County hospital was exposing patients to possible injury or even death.

The cases documented included:

  • People in severe pain being given maps by emergency room staff to direct them to other parts of the hospital for their next treatment.
  • A nurse failing to change the bed linens between emergency room patients.
  • Complaints of ill children sent home without a medical screening.

Parkland has issued a correction plan that includes:

  • Hiring at least ten more nurses.
  • Making sure the right doctors are on-call and available for emergencies.
  • New emergency room policies and guidelines.
  • Enforcing infection control, like making sure doctors and nurses change gloves between patients.
  • Daily and weekly performance audits for employees.
  • Steps to stop the theft of drugs.

Parkland has until September 2 to make major progress on these goals or risk losing Medicare and Medicaid funding.

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