With his big game against Denver, rookie wide receiver Dwayne Harris threw himself into the competition for the third wide receiver spot. He wasn't perfect, but he was better than he had been in practice.

I didn't make a lot of mistakes in the game, said Harris, who added that he made about two or three. (I) Usually get them out of the way in practice and then get them straightened out in practice, and then get into the game and try to make as limited mistakes as possible.

New wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson liked the way Harris played against the Broncos, when he scored two touchdowns. He showed he was a gamer to me. He came in a situation really, honestly played better in the game than in practice.

Because of the lockout, Harris missed out on off-season workouts, and that will make it difficult to jump past Kevin Ogletree on the depth chart. Ogletree is starting his third year in this offense and is trying to prove that he can be a consistent contributor.

I think Kevin's doing a great job, said quarterback Tony Romo. He has to continue to work, but he has a bunch of ability and I think he'll end up having a good season.

From our vantage point as fans and members of the media - whether it's watching on TV or at the game - it's easy to see what's right with wide receivers, and harder to see what's wrong. And while catching the ball and making plays is a huge part of the position, it's not the only part.

In my mind you gotta be a complete player, said Robinson. You got to block and do a good job on the running game. You have to understand the scheme, know where the ball is going, what your assignment is. And you gotta play with effort.

The third wide out position won't be relied on for major production, assuming Miles Austin and Dez Bryant stay healthy -- and that's a big assumption. If last year is any indication, the top four pass catchers in 2011 should be Austin, Bryant, Jason Witten and Felix Jones.

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