DALLAS - Fans were eager to welcome back the Dallas Mavericks as they returned home Friday after their big win against the Miami Heat Thursday night.

I think this is the spot right here, said Zene Coley as he eagerly waited for the Mavericks to arrive at Dallas Love Field.

Coley said he had never done anything like this before, but Thursday night's win encouraged him to beat the heat, just like his favorite team did.

With the arrival of other chartered planes and traffic in and out of one gate, it appeared as if Coley had found the right spot to greet the Mavs. But, the cheers quickly turned into confusion when the Mavericks never showed.

I think they may be coming out of this entrance right here, said Kelli Knight, another Mavericks fan home to get a glimpse of the arriving players. I'm going to be there so I can see them.

Knight said her entire office took a lunch field trip just for the team's arrival. She, like everyone else, did not see a thing.

I am disappointed, she said. I am sure there will be an apology. I am sure there is a logical explanation. I'm sure they've got practice and a lot to do, but their fans have a lot to do also.

There won't be an apology.

We were unaware that fans were there, a Mavericks spokesperson said. We were simply following the directions and route that security had set up for our arrival.

My feelings are hurt, Knight said. I stayed up to one in the morning cheering them on.

Coley, while disappointed, said he is keeping the faith.

Who knows what their schedule is? Coley said. They may have to get to practice. They've got bigger things to worry about now, like winning the next game.

The first fan at the airport arrived at 10 a.m. Friday.

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