DALLAS News 8 has obtained new video showing another fight inside Seagoville High School. It's the second video News 8 has been given that shows students fighting inside teacher Lindale Muse's geometry classroom.

This is definitely neglectful, said DISD trustee Nancy Bingham. As a teacher, you have responsibility to have order in the classroom. It did not appear he had it.

Sources said the new video was shot three weeks ago. It shows students preparing for a fight.

One of the teens is shirtless and even has time to remove his shorts. The teacher stands in the background, appearing to watch.

After facing off, as if in a boxing match, the students then begin exchanging punches.

Another video in Muse's classroom showed a classmate repeatedly punching Michael Milczanowki. The sophomore said fights are very common if not tolerated in Muse's classroom.

It's complete chaos, Milczanowski said, and nobody is stepping in and intervening.

Muse is now on extended indefinite leave, as the school district investigates.

When reached by phone Tuesday, Muse, 54, denied allowing fights in his classroom, but added he's not allowed to break up fights.

That's my school policy DISD policy, he said. Teachers are not responsible for breaking up fights.

DISD does not have a clear policy on whether teachers should step in between fights. Teachers are told to first send someone for help.

Each situation is going to be different, explained Paige Collins, director of the district's safe and drug-free zone program. We're promoting that teachers not get in-between the punching of students. We really want to keep the staff safe, as well.


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