When you think of soldiers, most think of brave men and women defending our country.

One North Texas soldier was doing just that until he was ordered home on an emergency trip to fight for his family.

Capt. Micah Shockley was over 2,000 miles away when tiny Adalynn was born.

Thursday morning I came in for the c-section and we were able to skype in the operating room so Micah could see over the computer, said Shana Shockley, mother.

Capt. Shockley also watched the flurry in labor and delivery after doctor's diagnosed Adalynn with pneumonia.

She had, I guess you could say labored breathing after she was born, said Capt. Shockley.

Quickly everything changed, including the soldier's assignment.

It s kinda weird all of the sudden I'm on a civilian plane on a flight out of Kuwait to the US from Iraq it was kinda interesting, Capt. Shockley said.

Capt. Shockley's commander felt that photos and video paled in comparison to what was really going on back home. Within hours, he was placed on a jet and heading to North Texas. A $3,500 flight was provided free of charge.

It is pretty nice, Capt. Shockely said. It s pretty interesting to see someone that family oriented in the position he's in he's definitely a good commander.

Capt. Shockley said he knew the doctors would do their part, but he just wanted to hold Adalynn in person. He will only be able to stay for seven days. By the time he returns home from this tour, his daughter will be a year old.

He is just grateful for Adalynn's good health. Her weight loss has stabilized and there is no more discomfort.


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