DALLAS, TX - Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is getting ready to host the HDNet, DirectTV Super Bowl party. His entertainment is recording artist Usher.

Absolutely, Cuban says. It's in Dallas. I have to entertain. The big event is the party we're throwing with Usher performing Saturday night. It's invitation only. I wish I could invite all of Dallas and the Steelers fans that are coming to town but there is only so much room. It's going to be a great party.

Cuban grew up in Pittsburgh and to this day, remains a Steelers fan.

I've been here in Dallas longer than I lived in Pittsburgh so I've become a Cowboys fan, but I'm still a diehard Steelers fan, Cuban says. The good news is they're (Cowboys and Steelers) are in both conferences so it works out okay. But if my dad is around, it's all Steelers. It's all Steelers. I don't want to be disowned by my own father.

Cuban knows how desperately Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wanted to have his team in Super Bowl XLV.

Cuban says his experience in the NBA finals gave him empathy.

I feel sorry for Jerry, literally, he says. I mean I ve been there. I've been there when expectations are high and you desperately want to get there. You want to get there every year but this had a little added pressure with the new stadium and wanting to showcase it and showcase it with his team there. There is nothing more painful in the sports world when that doesn't come to fruition. It's understanding Jerry's pain and feeling Jerry's pain. I really feel for him.

Of course, the Cowboys couldn't reach the Super Bowl this year but it's not like Sports fans in North Texas have been totally left out. Last year at this time, Cuban was getting ready to host the NBA All Star game.

It's just the fear of making sure that it gets pulled off correctly, Cuban says of last year's All Star experience. The All Star game ended up being the largest attendance of any basketball game in the history of basketball. It also happened to be the biggest snow storm in the history of the city of Dallas. Those kinds of things you just can't anticipate.

Super Bowl XLV is an event much bigger than the NBA All Star game and Cuban knows it.

The NFL is the NFL, Cuban says. It's on a different plateau. The interesting thing is that it's far more a TV sport than any other sport. It'll be interesting to see. The NBA all-star game is only a party. Nobody really cares about the game, right? Your there, Dirk made a basket, pass me a beer. You're only there for the party. The Super Bowl, if you re from Pittsburgh or your from Green Bay, it's all about the game. If you're not, then it's all about the commercials which you don't really experience at the games.

Cuban says he'll be at the game. The commercials will have to wait.
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