DALLAS - Starting an after school program isn't easy. It takes a lot of hard work and cooperation.

One of the keys to starting the program at Trinity Palms is the support it gets from the apartment management company.

It's been overwhelming, said K.C. Griffin of Integrity Asset Management, which runs the Trinity Palms apartment complex. The families are appreciative. The kids have something to do; we're keeping them busy. The kids are having a great time. We've had several kids come in and tell us they want to know what time it opens, what time they can go over. They told us their friends are involved. We're pretty excited about it.

The kids climb the stairs as they arrive home at the Trinity Palms apartment complex. They're taking part in the Kids Campus After School tutoring program. It was started by the Dallas Community Lighthouse this fall. It's the non-profit's fourth apartment-based after school program.

There's a lot that goes into starting an after school program. One of the biggest issues is location. The area of North Dallas, according to the Dallas Police Department, has one of the highest juvenile crime rates in the city.

It just shows how many kids, how many families are supportive of this jumping on the bandwagon to join this program, this community, said Brandon Baker, of Dallas Community Lighthouse.

Dallas Community Lighthouse operates exclusively in low-income apartment communities. It says in the three other sites it operates, vandalism and crime has declined and tenant turnover has decreased.

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