DALLAS - A plan to move about 350 homeless people from a packed Dallas shelter to their own apartments has been placed on hold.

This time, it isn't neighbors who have thrown a wrench into the plan. Instead, the Dallas Housing Authority has rejected eight new proposals to free up apartments, which would allow those without homes to make the move.

Just a few months ago, one man became the first to make the switch after moving from The Bridge homeless shelter to the Cliff Manor apartments. More homeless began moving into the complex despite neighbors battling the plan every step of the way.

The DHA subsidizes the rent at the complex and work to ensure the once homeless continue to progress at their jobs and work with them with counseling and medical services. However, the DHA says new proposals from eight new landlords from across the city simply do not work. From being too far from transportation to being located in crime-ridden areas to a lack of support, the DHA has cited numerous concerns with the new proposals.

The DHA is continuing to work to make its own goal of providing 700 new apartments over the next four years for those in the downtown Bridge ready to live independently.

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