MCKINNEY - Authorities said a gunman who opened fire at the McKinney Public Safety Building purposely set hit truck on fire to lure officers outside.

Authorities said the alleged shooter, 29-year-old Patrick Gray Sharp, was killed after an exchange of gunfire. They weren't able to say if he killed himself or was killed by returning fire from officers.

The incident began when a F-150 pickup truck loaded with ammunition was set ablaze Tuesday morning outside the McKinney Public Safety Building.

Subsequently, the fire itself, set off that ammunition causing rounds to be dispersed within the immediate area, said deputy Chief Scott Brewer, a McKinney Police Department spokesman. Immediately following that, the Public Safety Building began to take gunshots ... Our officers immediately began to set up a perimeter and immediately began to search and try to locate the shooter. We located one shooter.

Authorities said Sharp, who lives in Anna, fired at least 100 rounds at the building. While bullets did enter the campus, no one was injured.

He had a plan, said Chief Doug Kowalski, McKinney Police Department. He was activating his plan. He was heavily armed. He looked like he knew what he wanted to do; what we don't know is why he wanted to do it.

While authorities said they could not find any criminal record Sharp, they said he worked as a security guard and was a witness to several crimes.

Police also went to Sharp's residence, where they found a cache of weapons. Sharp had a roommate but he was out of town.

The exchange of gunfire sent the nearby Collin College at 2200 West University Drive into a lockdown.

Students were sent an e-mail alert at 9:45 a.m. saying, Shots fired at Central Park Campus. Campus on lockdown. Cops on scene. Details forthcoming.

I turned and looked and there was a man ... with a bulletproof jacket on and what appeared to be a semi-automatic rifle and he was taking shots, said Matt Payne, a witness. When I made eye contact with him and saw him, he was turning towards a campus police officer's vehicle that was coming round the corner and he took a couple of shots in that direction.

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