it was only a matter of time ... and now that time is here - cowboys rookie receiver dez bryant refuses to honor that old tradition of the hazing all rookies go through -

rookies have been carrying the pads of veterans for years - singing at supper - buying dinner when they're out and about ... and dez bryant won't do it

tells roy williams he won't carry his shoulder pads - heck i'm not sure roy williams can carry dez bryant's shoulder pads

but i've always thought it was only a matter of time before some rookie wasn't going to play along - when you pay these 1st round picks the money the cowboys and nfl teams do - when they get the praise from media and fans they do - i'm actually a little surprised they've played the game as long as they have

it is a right of passage all rookies have gone through ... but training camps are different now - alot different - and maybe this is going to be yet another change

or dez bryant is yet another diva wide receiver - which is actually redundant

why is it always the wide receiver that's the biggest diva on the team ?? seriously - it's about the easiest position to play and most of 'em act like it's the most impossible of jobs - really ??

they can't be touched 5 yards down the field ... they catch a ball a quarterback throws with guys in his face .. after being protected by linemen who wrestle with other huge lineman ... and the receiver thinks he's special ?

really ?


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