DALLAS - A chain reaction accident on Interstate 45 in Dallas left two dead and injured two others driving in the northbound lanes of Interstate 45 at Loop 12 just before midnight Thursday.

Sheriff's deputies say a group of motorcycle riders were speeding northbound on I-45 when one of them lost a tire, crashing on the side of the road. An 18-wheeler blocked by the accident was then rear-ended.

The 18-wheeler stopped in the right hand lane of travel, said Deputy Sgt. Tim McKinzie, Dallas Sheriff's Department. And as the 18-wheeler was getting read to move out of the lane of travel that's when the other vehicle collided in the rear end of it, causing the death of the two individuals that we have here.

A third passenger was rushed to Baylor Hospital, along with the driver of the motorcycle. Their conditions are unknown at this time.

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