DENTON - In Texas, the law requires people to shoot a handgun before they get a license. But, WFAA has found in the past 18 months, nearly 6,000 Texans have gotten a gun license without ever pulling a trigger. Now, a lawmaker is calling for change on the license to carry.

Concealed-carry permits from Utah are popular in Texas, and it's not hard to see why. Utah requires less than half the class time, has no written test, requires no live shooting and you don't even have to leave Texas to get one. But, that may be changing.

Shooting to stop is a self-defense act, said Brad Brasuell, a certified Utah instructor, while talking with a group seeking to get a permit in Denton. Shooting to kill by your virtue and intention makes you a murderer.

Brasuell said he knows why Texans are turning to Utah classes.

[Texas] makes it like a Law 10 class when the general civilian doesn't have the attention span for it, he said.

Now, Rep. Lon Burnam, a Fort Worth Democrat, is weighing in on the permits.

It's clearly a loophole that was not intended, Burnam said.

The Texas representative said it's an issue the legislature needs to deal with next session.

This is an outrageous loophole that people are taking advantage of and it needs to be closed, he said.

Since there is no live firing, critics say the Utah program is less safe than the Texas program, though there's no proof of that. There is proof, however, that Texas is losing about $1.5 million a year in concealed-carry fees to Utah.


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