More details have emerged about a crash that killed a mother and her two small children on Friday night.

The Greene family of Frisco was driving on Interstate 20, when their world was shattered.

The only survivorof the crashis the father - 34-year-old Wyndell Greene.

His 34-year-old wife, Lakeysha, and their two children, 5-year-old Wesley and 3-year-old Wyndell II, were all killed

The father, Wyndell Greene Sr., was badly burned and is recovering at Parkland Hospital.

I just hope he has the will to live, because his family is gone. I don't know if I would have the will to live after that. I just don't, said family friend, Vincent Dayries.

An 18-wheeler rear-ended into the family's SUV on I-20, causing it to burst into flames and slam into several other vehicles.

Three other people were hurt in the accident.

I-20 between Wills Point and Terrell was shut down for eight hours after the accident.

The truck driver, who set off the chain reaction crash, is from Mississippi.

He's in stable condition.

But what's still unclear is why he slammed into the Greene's SUV; officers say traffic was not stopped.

Troopers hope to release more answers early next week.


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