MORGAN MILL As Brandi Todd looks over a psychiatric evaluation form, anger creeps into her voice for the first time since she was stabbed on March 14.

Obviously I'm going to be mad, she said. That's not fair.

Todd isn't talking about the unfairness of being paralyzed by a stranger's knife while playing with her kids at a park in Stephenville.

She's talking about how she would feel if her confessed attacker, Michael Allen Howard, didn't stand trial for the crime.

According to a psychiatric evaluation performed last month, Howard is not competent to face trial.

News 8 showed Todd the report, in which the examining doctor writes: I do not believe he appreciated that his conduct at the time of the alleged offense was wrong.

According to court documents, Howard was getting help from the Texas Department of State Health Services, but his symptoms grew severe.

Todd shook her head. How many chances are you allowed to mess up before they say you don't play well with others? she asked.

According to the report, Michael Howard talked about people stealing songs from his head and profiting from them while he rots in jail.

When the attack happened, Howard was days away from finishing probation for a previous violent crime: A misdemeanor for ramming a mobile home with a vehicle. A judge ordered himto remain on medication for his mental health.

He needs to be held accountable, Todd said, whether that's in a hospital or a jail.

While prosecutors challenge the findings and push for trial, Brandi Todd pushes forward with her life.

She moves freely in her tiny home in Morgan Mill that neighbors modified for wheelchair use. She's already starting to drive in a car equpped with hand controls. But Todd is furious that Social Security rejected her request for temporary help until she starts working again later this summer.

It makes you feel like you're being punished, she said. I didn't do anything. I was sitting at the park.

It's about her only complaint. Todd says she sees no point in complaining about things she can't change. In the grand scheme of things, my life is really good, she said.

And just before we left, it got a little better. She got a call that she is eligible for Social Security benefits, after all.


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