It's a case that grabbed headlines in February: A Muslim woman with ahistory of strange andcriminal behavior ran from Arlington police.

Kimberly Al-Homsi had allegedly pointed a gun at a motorist. The gun turned out to be a toy.

With her was an 18-year-old Muslim man, Yasin Ansari. When their truck spun out of control in Fort Worth, police surrounded it. The teenage passenger phoned his mom.

I hear his voice, elevating, she recalled. Really distressed, saying, 'They have guns. They have guns, Mom. They're pointed at me. They're going to kill me.'

Ansari's mother, who did not want to be further identified, heard what sounded like bullets over the phone line. She had no way to know it was the sound of breaking glass as officers pulled her son from the truck.

Pop. Pop. Pop. I heard him scream. That was the last I heard for like three hours, she said. I didn't know if he was alive or dead.

When she finally talked to her son, he told her he was shocked to hear Al-Homsi tell police there were bombs in the truck.

And he said he turned and looked at her and right then he was really scared, Ansari's mother said. He didn't know what to do.

The woman said the incident has already created a nightmare for her family. She moved to a different city and sent her other children out of state.

Ansari's mother said people have thrown trash at her car, and she said she can't return to her job with a government contractor until a new background investigation is completed.

She said shepassed one not long before the incident.

Her son is charged with possessing an unregistered weapon, but he and his mom fear Ansari will be suspected of terrorism, especially in light of the recent attempted bombing in New York City.

He's the first to go and do charity work, she said of her son, whose nickname with friends is Mr. Humble.

The woman said her son is a pious kid who prays often at an Arlington mosque and was planning on starting college courses to become a mechanic. But she says he can usually be found playingvideo games with his best friend, who happens to be Kimberly Al-Homsi's son.

Ansari's mother said her son was only in the truck that night because Al-Homsi was giving him a ride home.

Al-Homsi has been arrested before for allegedly threatening a driver with a fake grenade.She's been questioned about watching airports, has madefanciful claims about being in the Syrian military, and shaved her head.

Accordingto a close relative, she wasevaluated in a hospital psychiatric unit after a standoff with police.

According to court documents, there's evidence Al-Homsi and Ansari together purchased the ingredients for three crude pipe bombs that were found in her truck. The two were seen on surveillance tape.

Yasin Ansari's mother believes that will be explained, and hopes her son's reputation will be restored as Mr. Humble.

Trial is set for June 21 in Federal Court in Fort Worth.


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