Cowboys linebacker Bradie James says Marcus Spears sack gave the defense a great kick start.

The Falcons put together an 8 minute drive for the games first score, but the next time they had the ball, Spears said he took advantage of the Falcons offensive line paying too much attention to Jay Ratliff. Spears got the first sack and that set the tone, said James.

Against a Falcon offense that hadn't given up a sack in 4 games, the Cowboys were able to generate nearly constant pressure, and the push was driven by the Cowboys down lineman. Guys just had a dog-eat-dog mentality. We just wanted to get there. It wasn't anything that you draw up in the sand it wasn't any special techniques, said Spears. We just wanted to get there bad.

They wanted it and they got it to the tune of 4 sacks and couple of forced fumbles, flustering a young Matt Ryan whose played some really good football in his young career.

The pressure applied is a great sign for Cowboy nation. After failing to get a sack in the first two games of the season, the Cowboys have notched 14 over the last 4. This is how Wade Phillips defense is meant to be played.

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