FORTWORTH - It's been a great week for Texas Christian University football coach Gary Patterson. First he was named Mountain West coach of the year. Wednesday, he received his second contract extension in five years.

Included in the contract was a pay raise from $1.8 million a year to a new salary of $2.5 million a year, The Fort Worth Star Telegram reported.

We've had a lot of extensions, Patterson said at a press conference. I'm not going to jinx us by talking long because we've kind of gone along with our business. We have a bowl game to win.

Thanks to Patterson, TCU fans have enjoyed massive on-field celebrations this season, like the one when the students rushed the field after their win over Utah.

The fans have also enjoyed watching Patterson lead the Horned Frogs to a perfect 12-and-0 season, the first in school history. As a result, his name has surfaced as a candidate for other coaching jobs. TCU Athletic director Chris Del Conte wasn't about to wait for other schools to start contacting his head coach.

Gary Patterson is always going to be a hot commodity, as well as he should be, Del Conte said. Our job as an institution is to make sure that we keep Gary and Kelsey (his wife) here.

Patterson said he doesn't feel like his work is done at TCU. He said there's a national championship to be won in Fort Worth, and when it happens he wants to be part of it. He hopes his contract extension will help get them there.

What I'm hoping is that public opinion will help us, said Dr. Victor Boschini, TCU chancellor . I think in the end, public opinion always comes down to what is right, what is fair and what is just.

But as a non-member BCS school, playing for a national championship game will be hard to earn.

I think the football world wants that, Patterson said. Maybe some people don't want it, but the football world wants it because they want to see if that can come true.

The letters BCS do not define TCU, Del Conte said. TCU defines TCU, and we have a better shot now of winning a national championship than anytime in our history.

Make no mistake about it, soon TCU will be defined as a BCS team.


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