Crista Taylor is in a Missouri prison serving a five-year sentence.

Now, for the first time, Taylor spoke out, saying she was sorry and still loves her former fiancee, Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki. The couple planned to marry last summer, but instead, Taylor was arrested at Nowitzki's home on criminal warrants.

She spoke from prison for the show Inside Edition.

Very much so, she replied when asked if she loved Nowitzki.

In May, Taylor's arrest distracted the team during its playoff run. Now, the alleged impostor, forger and thief shares a cell with three other women.

I had already picked out my wedding dress, the shoes and everything, she said.

Taylor told a a German newspaper she still has her $190,000 engagement ring. She said lawyers told her Nowitzki doesn't want it back.

I love him very, very much and I wish he would've stood by my side, she said.

It was reported she was pregnant at the time of the arrest, though she never had the baby. She claims she was telling the truth, and Nowitzki knew.

I lost it, she said.


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